10 June 2012

POST BAG: From Shutter Shades (AKA Venetian Blinders) To Albion Market...

  A Kajagoogoo sew on patch: Oooh, look at me - in something new...
Several lovely e-mails received. Thanks so much. I really appreciate hearing from people out here on Planet '80s! 

Firstly, Monica asks:

Did you wear shutter shades or Venetian blinders as they were nicknamed when they first came out in the 1980s? They're back in fashion now and I find them really cool and '80s!

Hi, Monica! Nope, I never wore shutter shades. I liked them though. I remember Astrid Plane, female singer in Animotion wearing them in the video for the group's 1985 hit Obsession and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys also sporting a pair. The trouble was, there was so many choices of fashion in the 1980s and I wanted to be so dressy that there was simply not enough time to fit everything in. Maybe I'll try them this time around! :)

Mark asks:

I love all the stuff on synth pop, New Romantics, House music and Acid House here, also the Hip Hop scene. But what about Kajagoogoo? When are you going to cover Kajagoogoo? They, to my mind, are a major omission!

LOL, Mark! Don't worry, Limahl and the boys will be covered here soon. We already have a mention of them elsewhere on the blog, but I do intend to do them justice.

Ooh, To Be Ah... really captured the zeitgeist of 1983! :)

Sara says:

Well done with the Albion Market soap continuation. One of the things I adore about this site is its quirkiness - so much great stuff, so dependable, but all presented in your own utterly unique style. And who else would have thought of continuing Albion Market than your good self? I never saw a lot of this soap, just started watching after Helen Shapiro joined, but I love the way you capture the tempo and the characters. So wonderful as today's soaps are so rubbish! Looking forward to finding out just who it is spying on Derek and Chan!

Crumbs, Sara, that means there are TWO people following Albie on here - which is two more than I ever expected! Thank you. I'm being very self indulgent with that particular feature, but I've always wanted to try my hand at writing a soap, the Albie saga reminds me of some very wonderful times in my life, and I love trying to reflect life in 1986 through the stories. Episode 103 is in preparation, so stay tuned! I'd like to see the original series released on DVD one day. True, it was repeated on Sky Soap/Granada Plus in the 1990s, but it was edited - many episodes brutally chopped - and a lot of good scenes went missing.

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