15 June 2012

Dallas: Pam's Dream And The Shower Scene

Pam (Victoria Principal) woke up to hear sounds from the shower. Was it her new husband, Mark Graison (John Beck)?

She went to investigate and pulled the shower door open...

Imagine her surprise when she discovered that the person in the shower wasn't her new husband, but her old (and dead) husband Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy)...

Mention Dallas and everybody immediately thinks of the 1980 "Who Shot JR?" cliffhanger (more
here). Everything before was just scene setting, everything afterwards... well, wasn't of the same standard. It's a piece of TV history we'll never forget. 

I'm fond of Dallas. JR (Larry Hagman) was great, I loved S'wellin (Linda Gray), Cliffy (Ken Kercheval) and Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) and so on - and, whilst 1980 was definitely the peak, it kept people talking for years afterwards.

But sometimes it overdid things...

In 1986, Pammy woke up to find Bobby (or rather "Barbee"), her dead husband, in the shower.
Only he wasn't dead at all.

But he'd been killed by Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany).

We'd seen it. 

We'd blubbed over the funeral. 

Well, I had, soppy thing that I am.

But no, none of that counted. Pam had dreamt it and in fact the whole of the previous season's episodes. And they'd contained some pretty convoluted, perhaps one might even say twisted storylines let me tell you.

What about Pam's marriage to Mark Graison? 

What about the strange man with the mullet who had just blown somebody up in a car (I forget who) in the final episode of the season?

What about the woman in the weird clothes who had planted a bomb in a briefcase at JR's office which had blown up both the office and Sue Ellen in the same episode?

Suddenly, we had to face startling new facts... 

Pammy, who had always seemed so sweet and nice, had cooked the whole thing up in a dream.
What was this woman's subconscious mind like? Warped wasn't the word for it.

I never felt the same about Pammy after that. Weirdo.

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j.l.o.theoriginal said...

When did Pam's dream begin ? I watched the entire run of the series and it's reboot where they hinted at an undead Pam's return, but did the dream begin way before the flatlining of Bobby ?