10 June 2012

Shake Me - It's The SnuggleBumms...

Here are some SnuggleBumms, as featured in the spring/summer 1986 Argos catalogue. They had names like Warmly Kid, Poppa-Gently and Momma-Brightly and Snuggle Pets called Bumble and Lucky, and some glowed if you hugged them and some giggled if you shook them.


Very different from my childhood days when I was lucky if Mum had an old spud to spare for a Mr Potato Head. How I wish I'd been a child in the 1980s!

Mind you, I'm glad I was a teen/twenty-something.

Trouble is, I WANT IT ALL - the full range of 1980s experiences from different age perspectives.

Including some SnuggleBumms.