06 June 2012

Fresh Cream Cakes. Naughty. But Nice...

Good heavens - it's Ada and Cissie scoffing a magnificent fresh cream cake, drinking tea and looking through holiday brochures...

These two, otherwise known as Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough, had me laughing for years - Ada (Les) hitching up her breast, giving her many ailments an airing and mouthing the names of various afflicted body parts and Cissie (Roy) struggling to keep the conversation genteel.

The 1980s were a good decade for Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough - with Les successfully replacing Terry Wogan as host of Blankety Blank and Roy becoming a full-time fixture in Coronation Street as Alec Gilroy.

In 1984 the two were appearing on a series of advertisements in the long-running fresh cream cakes series. Most of us were well happy. But a few people weren't...

From the Sunday Mirror, 17/6/1984:

A Real Mouthful For Les

Top bakers find comic Les Dawson's TV cream cake commercials a bit hard to swallow.

They reckon Les, dressed as a buxom housewife as he gobbles up cakes before wiping his cream-smeared face with the back of his hand, gives a "degrading" image.

Mr Tony Cavan, of the 3,000-member National Association of Master Bakers, said: "Les talks with his mouth full and cream is squelching all over the place. It is all very unpleasant."

Les commented: "I don't know why the bakers should get so crusty."

Personally, I thought the ads were excellent. See two of them below...

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