09 October 2013

Remember 1980, When Men Dressed Like Men And Rave Was A New Soft Perm?

1980. Before the yuppies. Before the mobile phones. Before the ZX Spectrum. Before the Apple Mac. Before the C5 car. Before the deelyboppers...

Men's fashion at Foster's, December 1980 - with Tootal and Lopez. 

Quite stunning. 

From the Daily Mirror, December, 1980. In 1988 and 1989, a Rave was very different to a new soft perm.

06 October 2013

Let's Go Back To The '80s - To Iron Maiden And 7-Up, Bananarama And Breakfast Club...

"Hooray for Cosby and Rubik's Cube..." - fun song - a tribute to the 1980s by Aqua, with a great video by a YouTube user. Enjoy!

04 October 2013

'80s Emmerdale Farm: Amos Brearly - The Marrying Kind?

Emmerdale Farm: Amos Brearly (Ronald Magill) - marriage plans in 1988.

Sheila writes:

Much is made of Amos's proposal of marriage to Annie Sugden - purely for business reasons - in 1972. But was Amos ever romantically involved with a woman during the 1980's? I do seem to recall something, but can't  quite remember!

Yes, Sheila, he was. In October 1988, Amos came close to marrying old acquantance Gloria Pinfold (Hope Johnstone). A personable woman, she dominated the blustering landlord and caused Henry Wilks (Arthur Pentelow) great irritation when she moved into The Woolpack and threw out the sausages and bacon because of their high cholesterol content. She also crticised Henry's book keeping.

Amos told Henry he was going to marry Gloria.

Henry would have to leave The Woolpack.

It looked like the days of one of Beckindale's best-loved duos were numbered, until Gloria called off the engagement and went off with someone else.

Amos and Mr Wilks continued their partnership until early 1991, when Amos retired.