17 February 2014

HELP! Desperately Seeking 1980s "Happy Bird Day" card...

Here's a plea from me: when I turned twenty in 1985, amongst my mammoth crop of birthday cards (I was soooo popular!) was one showing a load of birds flying around or standing around on telephone wires. The card carried the greeting "Happy Bird Day". The card illustration was a cartoon-style image and not particularly attractive ( I seem to recall one or several ugly blackbirds were present), but, driven by nostalgia, I've been seeking the image on-line and can't find it. Does anybody out there have one they can scan?  I would be very grateful! There are modern day versions, but they simply don't cut it. Speaking of '80s greetings cards, look out for a selection on here soon, plus the continuation of our '80s lyrics quiz, and features on Press Gang and Interceptor. Sorry updates have been so sparse, but life is pretty busy at the moment! x