11 June 2012

How To Be A Wally

I'm not sure when the term came about, but in the early-to-mid 1980s it was decidedly "in" to call somebody who was behaving in a thick witted manner, a "wally". So popular was this gentle term of insult, that it became the subject of a book, How To Be A Wally, by Paul Manning, published in 1983.

The How To Be A Wally back cover synopsis:


You have just become a bit of a wally SIMPLY BY PICKING UP THIS BOOK!

Now see if you can take it a stage further. Buy it. Then buy a copy for a friend.

And you can both find out


in the comfort of your own home! Yes, with the help of easy, step-by-step diagrams, you can learn to:

Stand outside DER showrooms in the rain watching 'Game For A Laugh'

Feed prawn-cocktail flavour crisps to the lions in safari parks

Get the best out of your Colonel Bogey car horn

Destroy a Spanish football stadium

plus much more besides!


The complete, no holds-barred guide to the wally lifestyle - AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD!

An ad which appeared in the TV Times and several other publications in 1983.

Sunday People TV critic Nina Myskow was happy to announce a "Wally Of The Week" each and every week. The honour conferred above dates from 22/8/1982.

Marilyn wins the sought after "Wally Of The Year" title in the Sun, December 23 1983. Lucky bloke! Runners-up include Boy George, Terry Wogan and Max Bygraves.

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