19 May 2005

Rowan Atkinson and Nokia Cityman Star in TV Ad

This ad for Eagle Star investment plans dates from 1988 and starred Rowan Atkinson - old Blackadder himself, as Captain Kidd, the pirate. It also starred that technological marvel of 1987 - the Nokia Cityman mobile phone!

The voice-over explained:

This man made a lot of money, travelled the world...

... became a huge success by persuading complete strangers to give him their valuables.

Unfortunately for Captain Kidd, Eagle Star weren't around at the time, so he put his money into an obscure off-shore tax haven. And when he came back, he found he'd lost the lot.

[Andy explains: Captain Kidd's men buried it on this beach, and when Captain Kidd later came back for it, he couldn't find it!].

Take care of your treasure - ask your financial advisor about Eagle Star's investment plans. Because with Eagle Star you can face the future with confidence.

And here's the Nokia Cityman - with skull and crossbones flag for an aerial.

How outlandish mobile phones seemed back then...

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