26 May 2005

"Don't Wait Up For Us Tonight..."

Stock, Aitken and Waterman don't get the best press, but life's too short to get all snooty and sniffy. Their music was often terrific to dance to. Mel and Kim, seen here on the Respectable picture disc, are the soundtrack to many fond memories for me.


"Pump Up The Volume..."

Sampling was the coming thing, but it could land you in trouble! Still, some records using samples were pure genius (at least back in the late 1980s) and here's a treat from M/A/R/R/S, which helped nudge us on into the dance era.

Innovative and great to move to - I love it!


80s Style...

Part of a lovely mid-to-late 1980s dinner service. These went very well with black furniture. I remember having dinner with some acquaintances who fancied themselves as being "upwardly mobile". We ate from black plates, on a black tablecloth, with black candles, sitting on black chairs. I'm shortsighted, and had trouble actually seeing my plate against the cloth.