31 May 2005

Henry's Cat and Metal Mickey...

Henry's Cat and his mate Chris Rabbit first appeared in the BBC's 5.35pm slot (just before the news!) on 12 September 1983. Created by Stan Hayward and animated and narrated by Bob Godfrey (of Roobarb fame), this "children's" series was a hoot. I never missed an episode if I could help it, despite the fact that we never saw Henry. Or found out his cat's name.

Oh hooray - it's Metal Mickey's Boogie Book. There had been a couple of series of this show, ruining my Saturday teatimes, since it arrived in 1980, and I never warmed to it - although I was a fan of one of its stars, Irene Handl. She called Metal Mickey "fluff", he called her "my little fruitbat". 

Metal Mickey also said "boogie boogie" a lot, which was the signal for everybody around him to start dancing.

I wasn't actually part of the target audience, which is perhaps why MM gave me the pip. Mind you, I wasn't part of the target audience for Dangermouse, Willo The Wisp, Henry's Cat or, later in the decade, Duckula and the tiny tots' puppet series The Riddlers, but I still loved 'em. I was, and am, a big kid at heart. So maybe the reason I didn't like MM was simply 'cos it was rubbish?

Answers on a postcard please...

However, back in those (far) simpler days of the 1980s, MM was wildly popular.

In more recent years, the BBC's priggish and factually inaccurate I Love... series sneered at and slammed the show in a most highhanded fashion.

Even I didn't think it was that bad!

Poor old "Fluff"!

My younger sisters go all gooey-eyed and nostalgic whenever he's mentioned.

And what do I know about anything?