31 May 2005

Doris From Fame And Sheila Chandra From Monsoon - Look-In Covers From 1982...

"Baby look at me and tell me what you see..." We see Doris on the cover of a Look-In magazine which contained an invitation for readers to meet the kids from Fame in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

Fame, the TV series, had debuted here in June 1982 and was becoming very popular. Later in the year, the kids visited England. More here.

Other goodies in this issue of Look-In included The Fall Guy, Bananarama and... er... Cannon & Ball.

Ex-Grange Hill actress Sheila Chandra was the singer with Monsoon, the group which gave us Ever So Lonely, an excellent fusion of pop and Asian music - considered by many to be the first world music hit. Hadn't heard it for years, recently found it on a compilation CD. Highly chuffed!