13 March 2010

Farewell To Southern Television - And Houseparty...

Changes coming - What will the IBA decide? Daily Mirror, December 19, 1980.

Chloe has written regarding my recent post on Southern Television's '80s afternoon drama series Together:

I remember Together and Southern fondly - particularly Trevor The Weather, Fred Dineage, Jack Hargreaves and Houseparty. Why did the channel end? And do you have any information about Houseparty?

Southern Television was told by the IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority) that it had lost its franchise on 28 December, 1980, Chloe. It continued to broadcast throughout 1981, and disappeared less than an hour into 1982. In its final moments, the Southern TV compass ident disappeared into space, leaving a final echoing rendition of the company's oh-so-familiar ident jingle.

TVS (Television South) took over.

Houseparty ran from the late 1960s to Southern's last full day of broadcasting on 31 December 1981. I'm a little uncertain about the starting date as a fourteen year run is stated in one of the final editions, but footage I recently discovered points to the show beginning in 1969.

I too remember it fondly - my mother was a great fan, so I often saw it when I was off school. My strongest memories are of resident cookery expert Mary Morris and the witty and lively Sylvia Marshall.

Houseparty was aimed primarily at the "fairer sex", a sort of late 1960s to early 1980s Loose Women.

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