17 March 2010

Cabbage Patch Kids

Who could forget the Cabbage Patch Kids? They were dolls which came with their own "adoption papers" and were the subject of a ferocious craze in 1983 and 1984.

The dolls from which the Cabbage Patch Kids evolved were all cloth and called "Little People" - the creation of one Xavier Roberts in the USA in 1978, and originally sold at local craft fairs. In 1982 came mass production, vinyl heads and the "Cabbage Patch Kids" name.

From the Sunday People, 4/12/1983:

Cabbage-Patch fever swept into London yesterday as jostling shoppers cleared out the entire stock of London's top toy shop.

It took only 90 minutes for a clamouring queue to snap up 400 of the cute Cabbage-Patch dolls which have caused near riots in America.

And five Americans paid a lot more than the £24.99 asking price - they flew in by Concorde at £2,000 each to buy a doll.

"They are like gold dust in the States," said New York accountant Garry Le Duc. "When we saw on TV that British shops still had supplies, there was only one thing to do."

They found plenty of competition for the cuddly Cabbage-Patch kids. The queue outside Hamleys started at 2am and by opening time it stretched right around the block.

Also from the Sunday People...

The Sunday People strikes again!

Evidence of rather less cynical times? I think so. Evidence of good taste? I would say not.

My local rag took a rather more down-to-earth line.

From the spring/summer 1986 Argos catalogue: The Cabbage Patch dolls have developed friends and relatives - Cabbage Patch Koosas and Cabbage Patch Preemies.


Nicky said...

I must admit I found them ugly and never understood that craze.

Saffron said...


My older sister had one of the cabbage patch dolls given to her, late 80s or early 90s, and since, I have 'looked after her'! And no wonder they were so popular - most kids would love their own child with adoption papers to prove it!

Anonymous said...

i have to do a report on the things