04 March 2010

E-Mail Query: Were Albion Market Repeats In The '90s Edited?

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Mr P has written:

I recently found some old VHS tapes in my mother's store cupboard which contain hours of Sky Soap and Granada Plus UK satellite broadcasts from the 1990s.

Of course both these channels showed 1980s soap Albion Market, and I've viewed some of the episodes with great interest. But do you have any idea if the episodes were edited by Granada Plus/Sky Soap at all? One or two things don't quite flow in the satellite repeats, and I've got the idea a few "snips" may have taken place.

I'd be grateful if you have any information on this.

I do, Mr P.

Yes, Granada Plus and Sky Soap did make very small edits to the Albion Market series and, I believe, Granada Plus did the same with its showings of Coronation Street. The small "snips" were made to the episodes to accommodate the satellite channels' longer advertising and schedule promotion breaks.

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