08 March 2010

Moon Boots...

Moon Boots 1985... my little sister (right) sports her height-of-fashion pink Moon Boots with leg warmers and ra ra skirt. She'll kill me if she discovers that I've put this photograph on-line!

Ros writes to ask about the 1980s fashion for Moon Boots in the UK...

I remember having a pair when I was a little girl circa 1984. What was it all about?

Well, Ros, I don't KNOW what it was all about it! Apparently, the original Moon Boot was designed by a company called Tecnica in Italy a couple of years after the 1969 moon landing, and looked like something an astronaut might actually wear - although perhaps not in the jazzy colours produced through the years! They seemed to be a pretty serious piece of kit, and were all emblazioned with the words "Moon Boot".

I never saw any (or even heard of them) until a version arrived in the UK around 1984. These were available in children's sizes, and I remember them as being very much a little girls' fashion as the only colour I remember seeing was bright pink - which was a popular '80s colour. It is highly possible that other colours were available, but I don't recall ever seeing a boy wearing them!

My little sister got heavily into them, as the photograph above shows. She loved her pink Moon Boots dearly.

The '80s ate up fashion trends hungrily and after a few years the pink Moon Boots disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

The pink Moon Boots were so cool. It was a grand fashion.