17 March 2010

E-Mails: Trevor And Simon - Swing Your Pants

Trevor and Simon were sometimes the late 1960s-style hippie folk duo of "Singing Corner"- swing your pants!

Kimberley writes:

I must take you to task for not mentioning those late '80s genius comedians of "Going Live", Trevor and Simon. Surely you remember them? The World Of The Strange? Ken and Eddie Kennedy - barbers ("We don't do perms!")? The late 1960s-style folk duo of Singing Corner ("Swing your pants!"). What a mickey take! They were brilliant! I've just read that they actually recorded a comedy version of 1968 hippie classic Jennifer Juniper with Donovan in 1990. Do you know where I can find it?

Kimberley - I agree with you, Trevor and Simon were fabulous.

I remember all you mention, plus their skit on Erasure:

"You are on one side."

"I am on the other."

Sorry I haven't mentioned them before, but the 1980s is a very full decade to cover.

As for their 1990 Donovan collaboration, you might find something on YouTube.

Thanks for writing!


Danny said...

I think "Swing your pants" was a brilliantly disrespectful late '80s take on the self-important middle class '60s hippie generation - because I never met a working class hippie. If Trevor and Simon had been at Woodstock, you just know they'd have spent their time searching for the toilet!

Peter Gray said...

Loved Trevor and Simon laughed until I cried..just sooo funny..

Hope a dvd comes out....there video was very funny..sadly I don't have now..

As you say YouTube has some great clips..

Anonymous said...

Swing your pants! A sort of play on "swinging '60s"? Hilarious, whatever it meant!

Maria said...

The World Of The Strange was my favourite...

Nicky said...

Very funny pair - I envied '80s kids for having such witty TV programmes.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Erasure spoof well. Trevor and Simon were fabulous alternative comedy, tucked away on children's telly.