27 January 2013

Sorry, I'm A Stranger Here Myself

So excited to read that Sorry, I'm A Stranger Here Myself, the Thames TV comedy written by David Firth and Peter Tilbury (now mainly remembered for Shelley and It Takes A Worried Man), which ran for two series in 1981 and 1982, is coming to DVD in March this year. It's the tale of poor, henpecked Henry, who is left his uncle's house in the fictitious English Midland's town of Stackley, and escapes his ghastly wife to return to the scene of his formative years. Unfortunately, the Stackley of 1981/1982 is not the Stackley Henry so fondly recalls, hence the title - Sorry, I'm A Stranger Here Myself.

Punk rocker Alex is squatting in Henry's house, Asian Mumtaz is running the corner shop, and there is a militant union shop steward living next door!

This is a very witty portrayal of the 1980s as they were before the yuppies, before the brick-sized mobile phones, before the explosion of creative energy brought to television by Channel 4, before the credit boom, before the huge shoulder pads. A 1980s where the Rubik's Cube and CB radio are huge crazes, New Romantics are the current pop sensation, Charles is marrying Di, and inner city riots are erupting.

The stars were Robin Bailey, Christopher Fulford, David Hargreaves, Diana Rayworth and Nadim Sawalha.

I ate this series with a big spoon. Can't wait to see the DVD and write a full review!


Maria said...

One of the things I've noticed and dislike about Network DVD is that the company doesn't like to mention the 1980s. If they release a series from the '80s, they don't like to mention the decade it was produced in - unless it's to criticize it. They have no such problem with other decades!

Drew said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too! It's like some form of brainwashing and it makes me laugh! Certain other decades are revised into heavenly status, of course! It has put me off purchasing from Network on several occasions, but Sorry I'm A Stranger... is such a brilliant series, and so much of the early 1980s that I can't resist it - even if Network can't bring themselves to mention the years in which the series was screened!:)