10 January 2013

Post Bag - Your Comments...

Carol writes:

I so love 1980s fashion. I've been into the leggings for years now, but the current trend for '80s style boyfriend jackets has got me rapt. Need some hairstyling advice though. Can you help?

Well, I'm sure the rather interestingly named Shaggers School of Hairdressing could have helped you back in the decade, Carol. But, as times have changed, how about our article on '80s hair - here? x

An anonymous e-mailer says:

I've got a couple of new names for Disco music. How about post-Motown and post-Soul?

Dunno, mateyboots! Don't a lot of Disco fans prefer to think it sprang out of nowhere and spawned everything else?

 Cressy  asks:

Own up! Do you ever listen to Karma Chameleon these days?

Yes! T'was Number One on my eighteenth birthday after all!

And Paul writes: 

Saw your 1986 jumper pattern cover. Any chance of a copy of the pattern?

Send your e-mail address to '80s Actual, Paul, and I'll zap you over a copy!

Back soon, folks! Thanks for writing! xxxx

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