12 March 2012

Enquiry - Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence - 1989 Or 1990?

Shanice writes:

Please, please, please answer my question! I've been getting into Depeche Mode and I know the band formed in Basildon, Essex, in 1980, and so on, but I'm puzzled by the dating of their single Enjoy The Silence. Some people say 1989, some say 1990. Do you know which year it was?

The mighty Mode (how do I love them? Let me count the ways...) recorded Enjoy The Silence in 1989, Shanice. It was released as a single in early 1990 - so, it's a 1989 song and a 1990 release. It also featured on the band's 1990-released album Violator.

Lovely to hear from you and a pleasure to answer your enquiry. Here at '80s Actual our motto is:

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Sarah Jane said...

Good choice. I LOVE this song and Depeche Mode generally.

Drew said...

Absolutely brilliant band - they did a lot to make my own personal 1980s what they were!