25 March 2012

1985: No Honorary Degree For Margaret Thatcher...

A 1980s signed Maggie pic. In 1985, Mrs T was in her second term as Prime Minister, having won the 1983 General Election with a landslide.

Profs Say No to an honour for Maggie

From the Sun, 30/1/1985

Top academics at Oxford University yesterday voted against awarding Premier Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree.

The dons voted by 733 to 319 not to grant the traditional acolade to their most famous "old girl" as a protest against education cuts.

It is the first time since the Second World War that an Oxford-educated Prime Minister has been denied the distinction of an honorary degree in civil law.

Following the controversial vote by Oxford's "parliament" of professors, a Downing Street spokesman announced briefly:

"If they do not wish to confer the honour, she is the last person to wish to receive it."

Mrs Thatcher won a degree in chemistry at Oxford's Somerville College.

The only other person to have been refused the extra award was former Pakistani President Ali Bhutto - vetoed because of involvement in massacres.

Last night Tory MP Harry Greenway branded Mrs Thatcher's snub as the "grossest discourtesy."

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