11 March 2012

Fashion 1989 - Beach - And Other Wear...

Twirling back to 1989 and the final year of our decade of uproar with a look at fashion. Chris Rea, of course, knew all about being on the beach, and so did the young lady above, in her highly lovely wetsuit-style fitted swimsuit with fluorescent pink trim. WOW! And what about the round the middle garb? Pass. And the wrist garb? Sports band? Wrist warmer? Pass again! Anneka Rice had a jump suit of a similar colour scheme to this costume in the hugely popular Channel 4 Treasure Hunt series.

All-in-one baggy fit trousers with braces back. Terrific.

Into the sea, you and me... lovely stretch jeans and colourful rugby tops. The jeans on the left were available in two washes and had ankle zips - so practical. Many jean legs were so narrow in the 1980s it was clear the designers had never heard of feet.

An array of lovely swimming costumes for that up-to-the-moment look. The two on the right would create a very interesting tan line!

Another all-in-one. Not sure why these were popular really.

Step out in leggings. From around 1982 onwards these things were all the rage and seem as much an '80s fashion statement as shoulder pads to me!

"Hot off the West Coast, beachboys and girls hit the streets and shores with the latest surf inspired style. A cult rather than a craze, the look injects colour into casual fun looks."

Goodness - what an industrial looking belt - and as for the ear-rings!

Nice shoulders... enjoy the power-dressed look in cool cotten.

Flourescent pink newsprint swimsuit. Gorgeous!

Here's Lorraine Chase having her own collection in the 1989 Look Again catalogue: "Glamorous good looks come easily with careful planning. Plan now with this fabulous collection of stylish separates and you just can't go wrong!" Not 'arf!

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Sarah Jane said...

Ha ha, this is funny. I was only a kid then but I remember the tops with kriskrossy backs and the phenomenon that was the super high ponytail with a fluro scrunchy!