27 January 2013

Living Life '80s Style... Part 3

Twirling back down the years to the 1980s, the "Style Decade", is such a pleasure. Want to know what to eat? How to furnish your micro bijou home or penthouse flat? Take a seat and enjoy the show - courtesy of mid-1980s Habitat and others!

Do eat nouvelle cuisine. Such a lovely, yuppie fad! Spitting Image described it as "an expensive way of not having very much to eat". Wasn't it WONDERFUL?! Also, employ lots of '80s speak in your conversation. "Tubular!",  "Wicked!", "Gnarly!" Call your friends "mateyboots" and always remember to say "purlease".

Transform your study area, 1980s style! The colours here are so conducive to concentration, I'm surprised they ever went out of fashion!

Computers began entering the home in the 1980s and they were provided for. Remember how trendy black was as a furnishing colour? Even tellys went black eventually.

Pose about in your lounge in pink trousers and fondle your hi-fi. Looking faintly minimalist here.

Invest in lovely lantern light shades and install a pendant over your dining table. Place a warning sign proclaiming "Gesticulation Prohibited" over said dining table before guests arrive as entanglement with pendant may ensue. It is, of course, highly desirable to be known for giving memorable dinner parties. But electrocutions are probably best avoided.

Just look at these! Even plugs went all bright and jazzy in the 1980s! 

"Individuality - being what you want to be - until tomorrow..." and what better way to make a statement than by spray painting your lounge suite with your own '80s style daubings? Glorious, is it not? We love Habitat!

 Ah, the children! The next generation! Our hope for the future! Ensuring their well-being was, of course, one of the top priorities of the 1980s. And what better way to care for them than by providing a nice, restful decor and furnishings for their bedrooms, like this red metal tube bunkbed?

And for your bedtime? How about these gorgeous quilts and pillow cases? The epitome of 1980s chic!

Bonce feeling a bit chilly? Buy a pillow case with inbuilt night cap and you'll be oh-so-cosy! And oh-so-stylish. Lucky you! Night, night!

We haven't finished yet! Tomorrow's another day. Lots more on living life '80s style soon! xxx


Aldaniti said...

Why does that pillowcase nightcap thing remind me of DJ Otzi?

Drew said...

Well, here at '80s Actual, we'd never even heard of DJ Otzi, so we had to Google it. Maybe the '80s pillowcase inspired him? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Inspiration here for my soon to be 1980's themed bedroom!

Drew said...

Ooh, sounds lovely!