20 August 2012

Kajagoogoo - Ooh To Be Ah

The eccentrically named Kajagoogoo hailed from Leighton Buzzard and London, England. Kajagoogoo was formed after three members of a band called Art Nouveau - Stuart Croxford Neale (keyboards), Nick Beggs (bass guitar) and Jeremy Strode (drums) - advertised in Melody Maker in 1982 for a new lead singer

 Good looking, talented singer/songwriter/frontman, looking for musicians to form what should be a successful band, influences: Japan, Yazoo, Soft Cell... no Des O'Connor fans.

Christopher Hamill was their man and he was known as Limahl - an anagram of his surname. After a showcase gig, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran (SCREECH!! go the Duranies) requested a demo tape of the band's work and this led to them being signed by EMI in July '82.

Kajagoogoo didn't last long (though they have reformed in recent years), but they left behind some memorable and wonderfully 1980s hits. Below you'll find one of my favourites - 1983's Ooh To Be Ah...

The '80s were slowly beginning their upwardly mobile path, and the video is a joyous reminder of all that - the clothes, the hair... and with guest appearances from actor Christopher Timothy and the ever so zany Kenny Everett, well, anything more would have been greedy. 

Use the song words at the top of the post to join in:

Ooh to be ah  jet setter, be ah head start...

Very evocative.

And I'll add my very own additional  heartfelt "Ooh":

Ooh to be eighteen again!

I was in 1983... 

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