13 July 2012

John Michie As Tony Fraser In Albion Market...

Rachel has written:

Do you have any other pics of the delectable John Michie as Tony Fraser in Albion Market? I note your interest in this 1980's soap and would be interested (very interested!) to see more of Mr Michie back in that decade. These days, of course, he's far better known for Taggart and Coronation Street!

I do have a few pics, Rachel, and have managed to locate the one above - which features Tony Fraser, cake and biscuit stallholder of Albion Market, in hot pursuit of Colette Johnson (Nimmy March), the barmaid at the market's local pub, The Waterman's Arms. Tony was not acting in the best interests of his girlfriend, Lisa O'Shea, nor his pal, Phil Smith, Colette's partner and the father of her child! This scenario was the beginning of Tony's exit story-line from the show in 1986. Hope you like the pic and many thanks for writing.

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