23 July 2012

Choose Life

If you associate the 1980s CHOOSE LIFE T-shirt solely with Wham! prancing about on stage, then think again. Launched in 1983, it was part of a range of protest T-shirts by designer Katherine Hamnett.

Other slogans included WORLDWIDE NUCLEAR BAN NOW, PRESERVE THE RAINFORESTS, SAVE THE WORLD, STOP KILLING WHALES, and EDUCATION NOT MISSILES. The original T-shirts were sold with a percentage going to charity. The line was designed to be copied, with the sole aim of spreading the word.

Back in the day... Some 1983 people display Katherine Hamnett's new slogan t-shirts - including, of course, CHOOSE LIFE. 

In 1984, Ms Hamnett wore a '58% Don't Want Pershing' T-shirt when she met Margaret Thatcher at Downing Street.

Originally published 8 April 2009. UPDATED 23 JULY 2012


Anonymous said...

I want george michael's original 'Choose life' tee what he wore in 'Wake me up before you go-go'. i'm such a big fan, i'm willing to pay as much for the original, or official merchandise.
George Michael, i would tap that ;)
Love Scarlett Armitagexx x x

Dave Mullen said...

Very interesting, didn't know that! I see that Wham video occasionally on the Music channels and naturally assume it's a pseudo political statement from GM. I don't remember the range but this was around the height of the various protest movements so it makes perfect sense - Greenpeace was particularly huge at this time....

Drew said...

I didn't know the background either! Katherine Hamnett's 1983 statement T's inspired the 1984 "Frankie Say..." range, too.