22 March 2009

Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary, 1989-2009

It suddenly occurred to me today that 1989 is the 20th anniversary of the weird and wonderful David Lynch and Mark Frost creation Twin Peaks. In early 1989, the production team shot what would become the pilot episode and European video release.

Describing how he and Mark Frost designed the Twin Peaks scenario, David Lynch recalled: "We knew where everything was, and it helped us decide what mood each place had, and what could happen there. Then the characters just introduced themselves to us and walked into the story. The pilot was written in only nine days and shot in twenty-three."

Amazing to think that the music, characters, and iconic images - like the Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic image reproduced above - were in place in 1989, a year before the show was first broadcast!

This Warner Home Video of the 1989 Twin Peaks feature contained the pilot episode material, with an alternative ending.

From YouTube - see the beginning of the 1989 Twin Peaks feature.

Demon Bob (Frank Silva) nemesis of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper - unexpectedly burst onto the scene during filming of the pilot in 1989!

Wake up, smell that damn fine coffee, and read our Twin Peaks tribute here.

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