29 March 2009

Some Snazzy 1980s Bedding!

Very '80s indeed - Index Catalogue, Spring Summer 1989.

A cutting edge mid-1980s duvet cover.

Three '80s slumbersome lovelies - Argos, 1987 - the two duvet cover and pillow slip sets on the left have that particular 1980s something!

A peek in a 1983 mail order catalogue for some more stylish '80s bedding.

The sad-faced clown, Pierrot, was remarkably popular and was available to buy in a number of different guises...

There were Pierrot dolls, pictures, wall masks, ornaments and, as seen here, lamps, curtains and bedding. Have I missed anything?!

Were you a Pierrot person?

Must admit, these was more my cup of tea!


Anonymous said...

My favorite parts of the 80's would DEFINITELY include Michael Jackson (which fits into the pop music icon), The Cosby Show (I got so much fashion inspiration from that show!!), and legendary movies like E.T., Gremlins (my favorite), and the Back to the Future trilogy. MICHAEL J. FOX!!!!! :D :D :D

charlotte said...

Stumbled upon this website after googling Pierrot curtains! We had them at home when I was a kid and was shocked to find my boyfriend's landlady still has them up in his rented room! It was like stepping back in time being there!

Drew said...

Aw, sounds like a nice blast from the past! You should see my kitchen - last refitted in 1983. Anybody into MFI cupboards? LOL!

Unknown said...

Do you know where can I find the Pierrot bedding?

Anonymous said...

The black and red bedding above. I worked for the factory that made them. Wills Fabrics Ltd Manchester.