26 January 2009

The Weetabix Gang: "If You Know What's Good For You!"

They look like proper little skinheads, don't they? An incredibly quirky marketing idea.

No breakfasts fit for sparrows here.

"You make it neat wheat, mate!"

"If you know what's good for you, you do!"

Dunk, Crunch, Brains, Brian and Bixie, AKA the Weetabix bovver boys and girl, were determined to stamp out "titchy breakfasts". The brainchild of one Trevor Beattie, they starred in a long series of TV ads from March 1982 until November 1989.

The Weetabix had a couple of catchphrases which were pretty popular: Brian's was "OK!", spoken in a parrot-like voice. Dunk contributed "If you know what's good for you!"

This sounded menacing, but actually referred to the health-giving properties of the product.

Crunch is featured testing his strength at the fairground on this 1983 "Weeta-Card"..

Seaside fun - "OK"?!

Crazy golf frolics...

Part of a set of free-inside Neet Weet Beet band stickers...

A set of sew-on patches featuring some of our cereal characters. Weetabix Crew merchandise is becoming increasingly collectable.

Did YOU join the Weetabix Club? The Club was established in 1983, but disbanded before the end of the decade. The daughter of a friend of mine wrote requesting to join the Club in late 1988, but was told it was no more. The news was sweetened by the assurance that she could still see the characters on Weetabix boxes, on TV, and in advertisements in comics, etc.

Even Weetabix were breakdancing in 1984.

Here's parrot-voiced hero Brian, starring on his own badge. "Boxer Weetabix"? Nice one!

Free Top Trax cassettes and pop postcards featuring the likes of Tears for Tears and Bananarama in 1985.
The Weetabix Pop Quiz - 1987 - "JUST DO IT!" Other Weeta merchandise included cuddly toys and a computer game, which featured the crew taking on the "Titchies".

Collect the cut-outs and make your own Crew. Note the sell-by date - August '87 and the Sainsbury's price ticket - 56p!

Here's the whole gang...

Print this out, then cut out and assemble for rare Weetabix nostalgia straight from 1987!

The very first TV ad featuring the Weetabix characters. Created in 1982, they appeared on-screen until 1989.


Anonymous said...

I have the weetabix computer (Commodore 64) game!! Its a Space Invader variation, the Invaders being the Titchies.

Jenny A said...

Love these with hot milk and sugar - always wolf 'em down so fast I get chronic indigestion. Scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Graham 2012

oh, how i still love to eat these guys...Mmmmm

Rob said...

I still have one of the buttons (Brains!) I got in IIRC a Judge Dread comic paper.