25 January 2009

More From Number 73...

No. 73 fan René De Cler enjoyed the show at his home in Holland back in the 1980s. Having failed to win a 73 competition he entered, he received a set of No. 73 publicity cards, and a charming message from Andrea Arnold (Dawn).

Good old Ethel... nice but dim, and given to sudden disarming outbreaks of slick wit...

Harry - Mr Mullet.

Kim, a good friend to the 73 gang - she later lived at the house.

Neil - art man and purveyor of The Chip Butty Quiz.

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magmus said...

Ian Harding has been a life long fan of No. 73 and made 3 new episodes as a Tribute to the classic tv show they are called, 'Anytime Anywhere', 'The Roller Skates' and 'The Move' betwen 2010-2011! You can watch them on youtube!