21 January 2009


Here's rising young alternative comedian Harry Enfield in 1988. In the picture above he's in character live on stage as one of his most popular creations - Loadsamoney!

Loadsa, waving his wonga: "What's that?"

Audience: "Loadsamoney!"

Loadsa: "What?"

Audience: "Loadsamoney!"

Loadsa: "No, it's loadsa FU**ING money - I ain't on telly now! Loadsa fu**ing money! Loadsa fu**ing money!

"Shut your mouths and look at my wad and worship it up! This is the wickedest wad in the world, it is the wad of wads and it is all fresh MONEY, 'cos one thing I cannot bear is a stale wad. My money's gotta be brand new or it can FU**K off !

"How come I've got so much money again? 'Cos I'm a plasterer, 'en I? And plasterers are great. Roofers? Scum! Scaffolders? Coarse and ignorant peasants..."
Etc, etc, etc.

The Sun, 16 September, 1988. Cor! Harry lands a sponsorship deal with Holstein Pils for his stage show, worth £50,000. DOSH! DOSH! DOSH!

What was it with socially aware lefty comedians? We saw 'em all in the 1980s, these startling new alternative comedians, slagging off the Thatcher creature, railing against capitalism, and stuffing the wads of cash they earned from it in their high interest accounts quicker than you could blink. Here, Sun columnist Fiona Macdonald Hull sticks the boot into Harry Enfield: "How I loathe Yuppies!" But don't be too harsh. It was the same with the Peace and Love hippie trippie crowd on the pop scene in the 1960s. Do as we say - not as we do! And it's the same with the ultra priggish celebs of today. Shame! Whatever happened to the days of true idealism? Of people backing their words with their actions? And when exactly WERE those days?!

The Sun, October 21, 1988: £500,000 on the way!

Another of Enfield's popular creations:

Note: very broken English - no typing errors here - written as spoken:

"Hallo everybody peeps! Good evening and welc! My name is Stavros in case you don't know all red 'cos you blinkin' thick, and I'm got a little kebab house in Greece. Bethnal Greece, East Londos..."

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