09 July 2018

Diane Keen - Nescafé Woman - 1980 to 1989...

If there's one star of Nescafé coffee ads in the 1980s (the decade when Gareth Hunt and a few others shook their beans at us) who was in for the long haul, it was Diane Keen. She first appeared in the ads in 1980, and went right through the decade to 1989. 

Diane had made a name for herself as an actress from the late 1960s onwards. She had appeared as waitress Sandra Gould at the Crossroads Motel, and as Fliss Hawthorne, wife of Chris, in the... well.. we didn't really rate it... sitcom The Cuckoo Waltz. She was also in the excellent children's series The Feathered Serpent.

Suddenly transfixed, Gareth spots the Nescafé in Diane's bag.

Una and Diane spill the beans about the beans.

The 1980s Nescafe ads ('Coffee at its best') featured a whole host of other celebrities - including Mr Hunt (Frederick the footman from Upstairs, Downstairs and Mike Gambit from the New Avengers), the lovely Una Stubbs - my favourite on Give Us A Clue (dubbed 'Dame Una of Nescafé' by Smash Hits) - and the equally lovely Sarah Greene, to tell us all about what a wonderful cup of coffee we could have, if only we were willing to pay for the advertising.

Sadly, I couldn't run to it, even less to Gold Blend, which featured Sharon Maughan and Anthony Head as a yuppie couple from 1987 to 1989.

I bought own brand at the Co-op.

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