12 July 2018

1988: Breathe - Hands To Heaven - And An Exorbitant Taxi Fare...

Breathe was an English pop band formed in 1984 who gave us the unforgettable and thoroughly 1980s video and ballad you can see and hear above. A sorrowful tale of yuppie parting, it seems. He's obviously just back from a hard day on the stock exchange and she's flouncing about, artily displaying her despair at their parting, which looms on The Dreadful Morrow.
It's actually a beautiful song. In 1988, I was growing tired. I'd lived a little too hard during my late teens and early twenties and most of my blood seemed to have turned to high fibre (see the F-Plan Diet) and Stella Artois (Reassuringly Expensive).
The song was soothing and as I was in a nightmare relationship that I knew must end, but somehow didn't want to, held resonance for me. Maybe, if I ended it, one day it might be possible to resume it? Things might improve?
Never seen the video before. Adore the surprise humorous ending!

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