08 December 2014

Christmas Presents, 1980s Style - 1: Snoopy "Inspiration" Photo Frame

With Christmas looming up, we begin a little series of posts designed to give you some inspiration when it comes to showering your pals with gifts - either genuine vintage 1980s, or with an '80s theme.

How about the above? Dear old Snoopy of Peanuts fame faced stiff competition from Garfield in the 1980s, after several decades of reigning supreme. But we still loved him dearly, and Snoopy merchandising continued to sell like hot cakes. The frame above, manufactured by Hallmark Frames (copyright Hallmark Cards Inc.) in 1981, is great. It features Snoopy at his typewriter ("It was a dark and stormy night"). You can pop in a pic of your nearest and dearest and present it to them, or, if you don't HAVE a nearest and dearest, pop in a pic of yourself!


Peter Gray said...

I love Snoopy..bought a large snoopy cup yesterday at an antique fair...

Drew said...

Yes, Snoopy (and Garfield) are great favourites of mine. Snoopy, with his wonderful fantasy life, will never be forgotten, although Charles Schulz sadly died some years ago and fresh Peanuts strips with him. I hear they are making a new Peanuts film for release in 2015. I hope it stays true to the original characterizations as they can't be bettered.