10 September 2013

My Wonderful Wife (And Chris Rabbit!)

My wife puts up with an awful lot. Not least my passion for the 1980s. In the last few weeks alone, she's endured me swanking around Cromer with her in my best Miami Vice garb, repeated playings of Now That's What I call Music Volume 6, and every episode of the BBC children's show, Henry's Cat - which began in 1983. She now lives with the knowledge that Chris, the manic blue rabbit from that series - forever squawking "It's easy! It's easy!" - was a major hero of mine back in my late teens and early twenties. 

She's also endured a Thompson Twins cassette, the whole of the first instalment of TV-am, an hour of Brookside and three hours of original 1980s Chicago house music. 

When I arrived home from work the other night, I was startled to find an envelope bearing my name and a picture of two carrots on the kitchen worktop awaiting me. 

Had the pressure of living with an '80s man finally driven my wife insane I wondered? Was this a "Dear John"?

I opened the envelope to find a home made card inside, featuring my hero, Chris Rabbit, as usual squawking "IT'S EASY! IT'S EASY!"

And inside the card was written:

Thanks, Debs! I love you too. Not sure I deserve you, but I do love you. Thanks for everything. xxxxxx


Peter Gray said...


Now my Wife could make me happy buying Beano comic number 1 has a Birthday present..;0)

My wife has to put up with my comic and annuals she would understand!!

Drew said...

How my wife puts up with my love of the 1980s I simply don't understand... it does help though that she loves the music and fashion of that decade too, but all the same! The Beano first edition? What a present that would be! :)