18 September 2012


 Perishers, 1987: poor orphan Wellington is sad that all his friends are getting Filofaxes. But why on earth should Maisie have one? Maisie demonstrates one good reason.

Ooh, that wonderful yuppie accessory the Filofax! Great, eh? 

The original Filofax (file of facts) was created in the early 20th Century, and was basically a ring binder used for storing information - much favoured by the military and the clergy. Most everyday individuals had never heard of it. But then, in 1980, the company was sold to David Collischon, who decided that the Filofax needed a revamp - and it was on course for making the tremendous transition from being a personnel organiser to being a personal organiser. 

The luxurious leather binders, complete with forms for business expenses, financial data, diary, year planner, world time zones, etc, etc, etc, we all remember from the yuppie era were born in the early 1980s.

By 1985 the new Filofax was booming - such a boon, darling, so handy for that power lunch with Miles, or that board meeting at Wigginson-McDowell.

Actually, it's interesting to note the Filofax's popularity at a time when we were just beginning to enter the IT era. Paper and pen still ruled!

The craze for the Filofax soon spread beyond the City offices and wine bars - even into our school yards if the 1987 Perishers strip featured at the top of this post is to be believed. Great how Maisie, my favourite character, found such a good use for it. 

Even today, the Filofax continues to be a trusted tool for many, both in the business world and outside.


entssouthwales said...

I actually got one around 1988 and it was really useful - especially as my life was quite busy at the time - bring back the filofax - at least it kept me organised!

Anonymous said...

The famous Filofax which arrived in the 1980's was classy, but so useful! It's evolved somewhat, moved with the times, but it remains a tremendous organizer to this day!