23 September 2012

'80s Hole Punch - "We've Been Together Now For 30 Years And It Don't Seem A Day Too Much..."

Remember some posts ago when I wrote about the Now That's What I Call Music pig and posted a pic of my bedroom in 1985? Well, looking at the photo recently, I suddenly realised that the only thing appearing on there which I still have today is the hole punch, which I've ringed pink in the pic.

The Pye Tube Cube and the Now pig display have long since gone, but the punch remains.

It's been with me through good times, through bad times, and has never ever failed me when I've wanted to punch holes in pieces of paper.

And it's the colours of a ripe banana.

I bought the punch from WH Smith in 1981 or 1982, and never dreamed I was selecting a companion for life.

Cheers, hole punch - I love ya! xx

And thanks to my friend, Ivika, who gave me the digital camera to take the 2012 pics of the punch!

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