04 April 2012

Sweet Memories From The 1980s - Decade Of Turmoil...

The Commodore 64 with its amazing 64K memory, There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis, Roland and Mrs McClusky of Grange Hill School, Tucker's Luck, The New Statesman, Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster, Tetris, Desperately Seeking Susan, Live Aid and Inspector Gadget... what do YOU remember?

Chris writes:

I love this blog so much, it almost hurts! So much changed in the 1980s - there was a real social revolution and technology ushered in a new era, inventions like the World Wide Web pointed the way to an even more technological future, but the 1980s weren't only yuppies and Greenham Common Peace Women, Thatcher and Reagan, Chernobyl and Big Bang, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Commodore 64, the C5 car and Boom and Bust. They were Den and Angie of EastEnders and the CB radio craze and Rubik's Cube and dancing flowers and Adam Ant and whacking great shoulder pads and lycra leggings and No 73 and Wincey Willis and Gilbert the alien and jelly shoes and...

Well, I could go on!

Thank you for '80s Actual. I'm completely hooked. You dig up the most unexpected things alongside those that everybody associates with the decade and I take a great deal of pleasure in reading your latest findings.

I went from ten to twenty in the '80s and I'll never forget those years. They were the best of my life so far, kicking the daylights out of the smug, hypocritical 1990s and early 21st Century and giving me loads to look back on. '80s Actual is, to coin an '80s phrase, simply the best!

Thank you! I'm really chuffed with your e-mail. We're forging ahead here with posts in the pipeline ranging from our continuation of the Albion Market soap (not for the faint hearted!) to an in-depth look at the Ronnie Corbett comedy Sorry! and more on '80s news stories. We never set out to hype or rewrite the decade (as has been the case with a certain other decade!), the '80s provide us with all the material we need without any need for tweaking. So much we weren't aware of at the time, so many memories.

Don't be too hard on the 1990s and early 21st Century though - every era is somebody's favourite and every era has redeeming qualities.

Good to know you're with us!


Tim said...

I remember the 1980s for being so many different things. Most of all, I remember them for being so colourful and eventful - and for deelyboppers and Gordon The Gopher!

Pat On A Diet said...

I remember life being much more interesting and people being more passionate about politics and life in general. Life today is so insipid by comparison.

Annie Lennox's carpet slippers said...

It was all so varied and exciting... Cold War fears, replaced by Cold War evaporating then ending; riots and royal weddings; Greenham Common and AIDS; Pac-Man and the Rubik Cube; the Commodore 64 and the Apple Mac; yuppies and ecologists; Edge of Darkness and Gilbert's Fridge; New Romantics and Acid House... There was never any time to feel bored. I never felt more alive than in the 1980's.