06 April 2012

1982: Carly Simon - Why?

Ah, 1982 - before the yuppies, before the absolutely massive shoulder pads, before the brick-sized (first ever) handheld cell phones, before the Apple Mac and the invention of the World Wide Web...

Here's the very lovely Carly Simon asking "why does your love hurt so much?" Back in 1982, we had a very crude and witty answer to that, but this is not 1982 and
'80s Actual is a family blog so I won't elaborate!

One of my favourite pop songs of the '80s, with a simple but highly enjoyable video showing Carly taking her question to the streets of America, I hope you enjoy the above from YouTube.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Easter weekend! xxx

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Pat On A Diet said...

And the same to you! I simply adore this song and haven't heard it for years. It's going to get stuck in my head for sure. At the moment I'm grooving round the lounge to it!!!