28 May 2012

Pump Up The Jam - Changing Charts Of 1989...

In the final year of the glorious decade, we saw Technotronic arrive. 

Formed in 1988 as the Pro 24's and changing their name to Technotronic the following year, this Belgian group wasted no time. Pump Up The Jam was released in 1989, based on their 1988 instrumental piece, Technotronic. The 1989 revamp came complete with the lovely (and sometimes blue-lipped) Felly as singer in the video, and the first album Technotronic, which contained other goodies such as Rockin' Under The Beat in November '89.

But the lovely (and sometimes blue lipped) Felly wasn't the singer. Ya Kid K was the one, and with that revelation, the picture of Felly on the album's cover was removed!

Pump Up The Jam reached No 2 in the UK hit parade in September 1989. Enjoy it by the magic of YouTube above!
Pump Up The Jam - The Album, released in November 1989. This one has the original cover photograph of fashion model Felly Kilingi, complete with her famous blue lips.

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