22 May 2012

1989: Dancing Flowers

In 1989, the year that the World Wide Web was invented and the Berlin Wall came down, we plebs were hugely excited by what we called Dancing Flowers - AKA Rock 'n' Roll Flowers - ("copyright 1988"), from a company called Takara. My cousin bought one for her children and we... oops... sorry, I mean "they" were thrilled with it, bellowing their heads off with laughter as it jiggled ... er... I mean "danced" around to Technotronic ("Pump Up The Jam, Pump It Up..."), or whatever.

But it didn't have to be major dance hits of 1989 that got this little beauty grooving.

It even "danced" to my uncle's Charlie Pride LP.


1989, like the rest of the 1980s, was not, as LP Hartley once wrote about the past, a "foreign country". It was a foreign planet!

1 comment:

Sarah Jane said...

Yeh I remember them well. I seem to recall a Heineken advert featuring one of these :)