27 August 2011

Wanted - Bixie Weetabix Badge

'80s Actual reader Billy has been in touch to appeal for a 1980s Weetabix badge like the one pictured above - Bixie - Aerobix. He will be happy to pay for one, so, if you can help, please send your e-mail address to and I'll pass it on to Billy.

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dorkeybubblehead said...

Hey Andrew! What's up? Just a quick message to let you know that we're all moved in now. And i've got the internet up and running! Hooray!

Our place is most awesome. Or, as Bill and Ted would say "EXCELLENT!" We've managed to bag ourselves a top floor flat that's about 4 times bigger than the one we were in in Cambridge. Nicole is doing well with her teaching role at the moment. I'm still of the unemployed ilk, but we can't all be winners all the time, right? I've signed up for temp work in the area so something'll come up soon. Either way I should be starting a proper job in the next couple of months.

Also, I randomly picked up a book from watersones before I left Cambridge. It's a very sci-fi and geeky novel, but it's filled with LOADS of 80s pop culture (admittedly, primarily american pop culture, focusing mainly on music, movies and videogames - although there is a smattering of english and japanese in there). I absolutely adored it. But then i'm a weird sort, aren't i? If you're interested, the book's called "ready player one" by Ernest Cline. But I won't be offended if you're not ;)

Anywho, how is life in the real world? Doest thou gain much merriment from increased SCOTime?

Take it easy, and remember:

Please REMOVE your items from the bagging area!

Drew said...

Great to hear from you. I need somebody to confide in as I've entered into a passionate affair with the second SCO from the door. We are keeping it very discreet and, so far, I've always managed to remove my items from its bagging area.

I'm dead chuffed that things are going well for Nicole with the teaching and the flat sounds absolutely tubular.

The idea of doing temp work is fandabbydozee - many a door has opened that way.

I had many happy times in London in the '80s, I particularly cherish the memories of the time when House and Acid House were emerging and most of the music sounded like a drunken ship's boiler house on overtime. Happy days.

I may have a look at Ernest Cline, but life is really full and fascinating at the moment and time presses. Take yesterday: I got on the bus and said to the driver: "Mega-Rider please."

The driver said: "£12".

"Thanks," I said, handing over the money.

"Ta, mate," said the driver, handing over the ticket.

When I got to work, I said to a store colleague: "Hello! How are you?"

"All right," said the store colleague. "How are you?"

"Not bad," I said, "but my feet are playing up a bit."

"Oh dear, " said the store colleague. "Are you taking over this till?"

Look after yourself, mateyboots. I'm so glad the accommodation problem is solved and Nicole's job is underway. And you'll be sorted soon, I'm sure of it. If not temp work is great in my experience. When I was in care work, I once lived for over a year on temp stuff and loved the variety. It led me back into full-time permanent employment.

Keep in touch - the e-mail address is if ever you fancy writing some more, or you can always comment here. And in the meantime, "THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT..."