06 August 2011

Voyage Voyage - Desireless

This brings back memories of me, steeped in heart-wrenching misery at the end of yet another broken romance, strolling round on warm summer evenings in 1988, gazing at the stars and the moon, sometimes quietly crying, with my personal stereo blaring away in sympathy. Loved this song back then. Still do.

Voyage Voyage, sung by Desireless - Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop - is in French and I don't speak French, but somehow this only added to the appeal of the song for the love-lorn 23-year-old lad, seeking not words but mood, I was back then.

The original version of the song had been written and recorded a year or so before (some sources say 1986, others 1987), but fame took time to spread. My favourite version was the 1988 Britmix - remixed by Pete Hammond and Peter Waterman. Google it and you may find it on-line.


And what I wouldn't give to be 23 again.

Even if I was love-lorn at times.

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Andy Walmsley said...

We usually have Radio Nostalgie on in the car over here in France and this song still gets regular airplay. Great song.