18 April 2011

1980: The "Type K" Pillar Box

1987 - the embattled residents of Brookside Close, stars of Phil Redmond's groundbreaking Channel 4 serial, and the production team, with a very interesting pillar box (far left). This box was a permanent fixture on the Close, but differed from many dotted across our green and pleasant land. It was kind of steamlined... kind of modern... it looked... kind of like a lipstick.

So, what was it?

The answer is a "Type K" pillar box, introduced on 31 July 1980.

A new pillar box for a new decade, and felt to be "more in keeping with the times in which we live".

Of course, it would have taken more than a modern pillar box to cheer up the Brookside folks, particularly legendary grouse Harry Cross (Bill Dean). Bless 'im!

The Type K ceased production in 2000 but examples can still be spotted here and there.

Post Office official souvenir cover - introduction of the new style posting box, 31 July, 1980.

The accompanying blurb reads:

It is just over 100 years since the cylindrical pillar box was generally introduced.

In redesigning the pillar box the opportunity has been taken to create a product more in keeping with the times in which we live and takes advantage of modern techniques. The box has been designed by Tony Gibbs a Fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers and is being made by Lion Foundry of Kirkintilloch, Glasgow.

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