20 November 2010

Post Bag - Shiny Suits, '80s Naughty Mags, Snoods And The Pet Shop Boys...

Thank heavens this wall isn't slithery!

Some lovely e-mails which made me smile!

Tangie writes:

Do you remember those really shiny, light grey suits? The sort that caused you to slither down the wall at the disco after a few too many in the late '80s?

I do indeed. Stella Artois. Yum. Reassuringly expensive. Whoops, here I go...

Dan says:

I read your post on "Why Do I Do This?" (the blog) and I'm glad you do. The '70s revival was silly, because nicking things from other decades, particularly the 1980s, was daft. I don't know if I should mention this, but there is a retro porn magazine site which is always touting '80s porn as '70s. It's so daft, because the fashions speak for themselves - you can watch them evolving over the years from the '70s to the '80s - and I remember some of the mags from when I was a grubby school teenage boy back in the mid-to-late 1980s!

LOL! You wouldn't think there'd be much fashion in porn, would you? Feel free to write what you like - many of us remember being "grubby school teenage boys" and those sort of mags. And what you write doesn't actually surprise me - the people behind it either genuinely believe the '70s myth - or simply that conning prospective punters into thinking that '80s stuff is '70s will sell more.

Sheila writes:

Call yourself an '80s blog? Where are the snoods?

So much to cover, so little time. I haven't done jelly shoes yet, either.

Chris writes:

Can we have an article on the Pet Shop Boys, please? These lads single handedly picked up '80s music and flung it forward, creating sheer brilliance - the sort of stuff that still makes my deelyboppers tingle today.

I love the Pet Shop Boys and was utterly thrilled by their sounds in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s. I've been planning an article for a while but haven't got round to it. I must do it soon!


Anonymous said...

I saw that "retro" porn site with its '80s porn marked '70s. Thought it was very funny. No way can you pass off the '80s as '70s. Too hilarious for words. I came across the site by accident by the way. Promise (blush, blush).

Anonymous said...

Was intrigued by the pornography comment - and think I've found the site. It not only lists obviously 1980's stuff as "70s" but also on one page refers to the 70s as being the era of "flower power". The usual thing - the 70s being hyped by injecting 60s and 80s pop culture! Good grief! The '70s even steals the '80s pornography! Is there no end to it?

Drew said...

The '70s steals everything! Never was a decade so desperately rewritten! Thanks for the insights. The porn topic is now closed - I'm not a prude, but I don't want an adult rating for the blog. LOL!