03 September 2010

Alexei Sayle: 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor? And Toshiba: 'Ullo Tosh, Gotta Toshiba?

Alternative comedian Alexei Sayle gave us novelty chart hit 'Ullo John! Gotta A New Motor? in 1984. Apparently originally released in 1982, the song bombed - Mr S. was simply not famous enough, it seemed. But, re-released a year or so later, it was a different story.

It sounded bloomin' awful and I loved it to bits.

Mr Sayle also had an album released in 1984 - The Fish People Tapes, based on a series called Alexei Sayle And The Fish People, broadcast on London-based Capital Radio in 1981. Both the radio series and record apparently featured a few digs at the Government.

Good job, eh?

One of the tracks included - That's Milton Springsteen - was a parody of the Jam's early 1980s song That's Entertainment.

'Ullo John was included on the album and was soon tweaked for a fondly remembered 1985 TV ad - "Hello Tosh Gotta Toshiba?"... or should that be "'Ullo Tosh..."?

Ian Dury provided the main voice over for the ad...

"'Ullo - ullo - ullo Tosh gotta Toshiba?
'Ullo Tosh gotta Toshiba?"

"That's an FST."


"That's an FST."


"It's the flattest squarest tube.
It's the flattest squarest tube."

And what did the flattest squarest tube give you? A flatter screen and sharper picture. It was a good development.

Return to the mid-1980s with the 'Ullo John! video and the Toshiba ad below...


Sarah said...

Today, I can have my DNA taken from me, the very stuff of my most intimate physical being, if I have committed no crime.

I'm spied on by CCTV everywhere I go - even on the bus.

My job has become a nightmare - I have to jump through hoops to stay employed, and I'm stressed out of my mind.

Yes, the Alternative Comedy crowd were right to hold Thatcher to account in the 1980's.

But under New Labour things became a million times worse.

And where were Sayle and company?

I think the Alt Com crowd are very stupid people. They should have championed the people's cause no matter what the colour of the Government was.

Ultimately, the scene was a waste of time - and a lot of the alternative comedy of the '80s seems pathetic now we know more about the attitude of the people behind it.

Juvenile, spiteful, vulgar and ultimately extremely uncaring.

The Toshiba ad was brilliant, by the way!

Anonymous said...

I loved Hello John, Got A New Motor? I used to go bonkers dancing to that when I was about 9 years old!

Dee Dee said...

You can't really attack the Alternative Comedy crew of the 1980s for becoming middle aged, smug and comfortable. It happens to a lot of us!