08 February 2010

Readers' Enquiries... Albion Market On DVD? GSM Mobile Phone Technology, For Maddie With Love, And The Launch Of The Space Shuttle...

Cheers! Lisa O'Shea (Sally Baxter) and Lynne Harrison (Noreen Kershaw) enjoy a cuppa at Albion Market in 1985.

Kathy has written:

I love your features on Albion Market and thought the show was ace. Do you know if there is any chance of the 100 episodes being released on DVD?

Sorry, Kathy, I don't think it's very likely. I liked Albion Market too, but I know of no plans to bring the show to DVD. If I hear anything on the subject, I'll post it on this blog.

Still on the subject of '80s drama series, Jon asks:

Do you remember anything about an 80's telly show called For Maddie With Love? Are you planning an '80s Actual article about the show, and did it make it onto video?

Hi, Jon - yes, I do remember For Maddie With Love (1980-1981), an ATV series which starred Nyree Dawn Porter and Ian Hendry. It was the story of a woman who only had months left to live. Very few people had a VCR in 1980-1981, so there was no video release of the series, but there was a novelisation, by Sheila Yegar, published by New English Library in 1980. When I last checked on eBay, there were several copies on sale.

And finally Graham P says:

I love your blog, it's the absolute best when it comes to 80's facts. Could you please post more about technology - like the development of the GSM system for mobile phones, which is the system we use today, and the launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1981? Also, please, PLEASE more 1980s computer pics!

Thanks for your compliments and enthusiasm, Graham. We do have a small post about the first Space Shuttle launch - it's here - and I'm hoping to revamp it soon as I now have more material. The GSM subject is fascinating and I have chalked it in as a future possible '80s Actual article - the beginning was in 1982 when Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM) was formed to design a pan-European mobile technology.

And there will be more computer pics soon!

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