16 October 2009

1983 Fashion: Pink And Grey, Stonewashed, Bespectacled, With Pushed-Up Sleeves...

From the John Myers autumn and winter catalogue, 1983: "Just like the Kids from Fame!"

The little girl on the far left is wearing leg warmers on her arms. Oh, silly me, they're elbow warmers. How daft am I?

From the spring and summer 1983 Brian Mills catalogue. I always liked a girl in a ra ra. But, with the mini ra ra skirts which were so popular in 1982 and '83, the effect was often ruined by black lycra leggings, ending at the knee, worn under the skirt. These longer ra ra's gave room for extra flounces. And no need for leggings. Not that this fact halted the trend for leggings. But then '80s fashion was usually anything but logical.


I wish these colourful styles would come back into fashion, don't you?

Never in a million years?!

Oh well, suit yourself...

Let's have another quick look at the John Myers Autumn & Winter 1983 mail order catalogue... Nice jackets. What does the blurb say?

Our linen look jackets give you the texture and comfort of linen without the creasing and crumpling you get with the real thing. £1.06 a week is all we're asking. Dry clean. 85% viscose, 15% nylon.

Grey Light blue Burgundy

Half a doz, please - three in blue, three in burgundy. Ta.

What a cool dude! Those "mirror" glasses were popular with robotic dancers and body poppers. I remember wearing denim with a far more pronounced stonewashed effect a year or two later.

Pink and grey stripes... hmmm...

The '80s thought that mixing grey and bright colours was a very lovely thing to do.


Chevalterre Nabil said...

this is fantastic. I googled "pink & grey fashion", on account of wearing it all this week. And came across this blog. I <3 the 1980's!!

Drew said...

Lots of 1980s fashions are back - and have been for about the last seven or eight years in the UK. Look out for the black leggings and short/ra ra skirt look, nice T-shirts and sweat shirts with multi coloured collars and sleeves, jackets with sleeves pushed up/turned back sleeves revealing patterned linings, hair gel, mousse, blonde-streaked hair, deelyboppers, jelly shoes and, of course, shoulder pads, to name but a few re-emerging fashions from this vibrant decade.