24 October 2009

1983: Some Magazine Fashion And Food Ads For The Ladies...

It's 1983 and we're all getting into exercise and some of the girlies are also getting into aerobics. And it's time to get into deodorant. And wear legwarmers when you work out. They're no longer just practical articles for draughty places. No, they're an essential fashion item. And you can always put deodorant on your shins and ankles to stop 'em getting all hot and niffy.

Don't imbibe loads of sugar - drink fizzy diet drinks in your leg warmers. And then do some aerobics.

This is 1983, we have new hair styling products, so ditch the hairspray (you'll ruin the ozone layer) and scrunch in the gel or the mousse instead.

Enjoy a drop of alcohol (as part of a calorie controlled diet, of course) and get some trendy gear to advertise your favourite tipple. It saves people asking what you're having down at the local boozer. The outfit in this picture is
sooo 1980s. Off the shoulder. Grey, with red piping and matching sports bag.

A pal of mine had a grey sofa with red piping in the mid-to-late '80s. I wanted one, but people kept spilling things like baked beans and Stella Artois at my flat. So there was no point. The effect would have been quite ruined.


Because today's hairstyles need hold and a natural touch.

And when you've got loads of gunk - gel or mousse - in your hair, worry not. Timotei shampoo has just arrived so you can wash your hair as often as you like.

Exotic perfumes like Choc de Cardin could suddenly waft you away to a foreign beach. Hopefully, it would also bring you home again.

Eat sensibly. Keep an eye on your waistline with Waistline chicken and celery soup. Because you and Crosse & Blackwell make tastier meals.

This is 1983, so the big booming doshy '80s are not properly underway yet, but if your old man or latest squeeze does have a bit of dosh around you might get lucky. If you can keep him out of the bookies, that is.

More 1980s magazine ads soon.

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