30 October 2018

Happy Halloween - Remembering Grotbags The Witch...

Lovely singer and comedienne Carol Lee Scott was the most famous witch of the 1980s - enlivening many a kiddie's tea time with her spirited portrayal of that lovable but not terribly effectual green being called Grotbags.


Grotbag's made her debut in Emu's World with Rod Hull and his manic pet in January 1982. Rod Hull had written the show as one of the first of the output of the newly formed ITV company Central. He knew Carol who suggested the name 'Miss Grot' for the character. This had been her nickname - bestowed on her by the MD at Pontins where she had previously worked. Rod reworked that into Grotbags - and hey presto! Alakazamb! TV gained a vibrant new children's character.

Sadly, Carol, who was much-loved and not like her TV character at all, died last year. But Grotbags lives on. Like all great TV legends.

Wishing everyone a very happy Halloween - with lots of treats and (hopefully) no tricks!

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