06 February 2018

The Brand New "More Is More" 1980s Quiz...

Right! Cocktail glass at the ready... it's time for our brand new "More Is More" 1980s Quiz...

1) This was twisted by the pool - and everywhere else. It was Toy of the Year in 1980 and 1981. What was it?

2) What was Paws Inc, founded in 1981?

3) "Gissa Job!" We were in Left Wing bleeding hearts territory with this TV series. What was it? And which character had the catchphrase?

4) The 1982 opening night included Walter. What am I talking about?

5) Boy and toy. A wonderful American comic strip pairing which made its US debut in 1985.

6) Fill in the ad jingle lyrics gap: "You can't get better than a Quik Fit fitter - we're the boys to ___!"

7) Can you name the 1980s pop song from the lyrics - without Googling? Go for it! Here we are: "Your name is Dracula..."

8) Big Al and Little Norm - which TV series did they make their debut in?

9) When Fallon lost her memory in Dynasty, what did she call herself?

10) The incredibly young and unseeded Wimbledon champion of 1985.

11) Who did Rik Mayall play in The Young Ones?

12) Where were the 1980 Olympics held?

13) A young woman became a Page Three pin-up and (briefly) a pop star. Who was she?

14) Paul and Annabelle were characters in which soap opera?

15) Who was the female member of The Thompson Twins?

16) When Henry Nunn returned to his home town, he found things had changed tremendously. Can you name the sitcom?

17) This children's animated TV series, which ran from 1985-1989, had a title that suggested feline bad weather.

18) Still with children's TV, is this statement true or false? 'Henry only appeared occasionally in Henry's Cat'.

19) Which politician said that his father got on his bike and looked for work?

20) Big Bang on the Stock Exchange - which year?

21) Margaret Thatcher won two General Elections in the 1980s. Name the years.

22) Two men met for the first time in August 1981, and later formed the Pet Shop Boys. Name them.

23) Which magazine published the following answer to a non-existent quiz question? 'Roland Orzabal and a kangaroo'.

24) Who invented Tetris?

25) Who was said to have eaten a hamster in 1986?

26) In which year did the Apple Mac first appear?

27) Lesbian activists invaded the BBC Newsroom in which year?

28) In which TV series would you have found Mr Bronson in the mid-to-late 1980s?

29) Ferris Bueller had what in 1986?

30) Henry the vacuum cleaner arrived in which year?

31) "Beefy" played which sport?

32) Which 1980s year had to be shortened?

33) Edd the Duck was always absent from the Children's BBC Broom Cupboard one day a week. Where did he go?

34) Eurythmics formed in 1980. Who were they?

35) Who was Gilbert the alien's female co-presenter on Get Fresh and Gilbert's Fridge?

ANSWERS: 1) Rubik's Cube 2) The Garfield character merchandising company 3) Boys from the Blackstuff; Yosser Hughes 4) Channel 4 5) Calvin and Hobbes 6)  "... trust!" 7) Once Bitten Twice Shy, Vesta Williams 8) The Beiderbecke Affair 9) Randall Adams 10) Boris Becker 11) Rick 12) Moscow 13) Samantha Fox 14) Brookside 15) Alannah Currie 16) Sorry, I'm A Stranger Here Myself 17) ThunderCats 18) False - he never appeared 19) Norman Tebbit 20) 1986 21) 1983 and 1987 22) Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe 23) Smash Hits 24) Alexey Pajitnov 25) Freddie Starr 26) 1984 27) 1988 28) Grange Hill 29) A day off 30) 1981 31) Cricket (Ian Botham) 32) 1987 - by one second to bring it in line with the Gregorian Calendar 33) Cubs 34) Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart 35) Charlotte Hindle

How did you rate?

1-9: Not very 'OK Yah, Down The Wine Bar!' 10-19: Oh globits! 20-29: Very much a body-popper! 30-35: Stop the clock! You win the cheque AND the Treasure Hunt board game! (Not really, we don't give prizes 'ere, mateyboots, but the thought's there.)

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